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Outdoor Team Actvities

A shared experience is enough to get conversations going for months: imagine how much more powerful relationships will be with a knowledge of just how that experience came to be!

Team Building with fun as the key to learning. Your company can easily learn to work together more effectively by learning to play together with our team building activity events. A Team building event is a safe place to test and out new ideas and concepts of how to work together as a team. With our team events we believe it is important to use play and fun to illustrate the crucial nature of building teamwork and communication in the business environment.

All the team building challenges have been designed to improve working relationships in a fun and informal way. The disciplines in each team building challenge are similar; however due to the different skills required the individuals who lead the team will differ on each challenge.

Team building is the main aim of the day, but we also ensure there is an element of team competition with the announcement of the overall winning team at the conclusion of the day.
This ensures that everyone will get involved.

When the day is finished and your teams stop to reflect on the day, they will realize there are people within their organization who have skills that can be implemented within the workplace.

With experience with over 300 clients with needs that have been dramatically different from each other Flying Bananas can provides a wide range of events to meet your requirements. Once we have received your brief we will be able to suggest the best team building solutions for your event.

What Are Outdoor Team Building Events Used For?

  • Opening lines of communication
  • Create Bonding
  • Getting to know each other better
  • Celebrating success
  • Building camaraderie and collaboration
  • Sending a message to your people
  • Driving up motivation and inspiration
  • Uniting your work force
  • Breaking the ice
  • Building high energy
  • Loosening up, shedding inhibitions 
  • Building high energy
  • Networking
  • Fun! Laughter! Happy Faces!

When Should You Use Outdoor Team Building Events?

  • Meeting kickoffs
  • An exciting closure for your event
  • An incentive for celebrating success
  • As a stand-alone event
  • Evening energizers
  • A customized training session

What are the Benefits ?

  • Increase communication / learn new strengths and gain insights within the team.
  • Inclusion / the more inclusive, the greater the number of talents within the team.
  • Having fun together outside of the workplace, staff feel valued and rewarded.
  • Improved communication means more trust, support and understanding
  • A fun/relaxed atmosphere or more enjoyable working conditions
  • A platform for easier problem-solving in the future

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