The three days spent together in the woods was the equivalent of working six months together behind desks in Mumbai. We went from being a dozen individuals to a close, high performing team almost overnight. We are ready to tackle the challenges facing at the work place. I still think that trip was one of the smartest things we did in the first year."

Geet Bhandari
Dawn Media


The arrangements were very comfortable.
The food was excellent.
The team was very proactive and involved.
The program provided great fun and great learning.
The exercises were very well planned and conducted.
De-briefs were thought provoking, which in turn led to a great deal of learning.
The Programme helped participants to overcome their inhibitions.
The Programme really helped the group to bond.
Our objectives as a company were met and often surpassed.
All in all, it was a great program, and we are very glad that we did it.

Rashmi Dixit Sharma
Training Manager, The Oberoi & Trident


We have barely been back a half-day, and I am already seeing dramatic changes in behavior and teamwork. While I am sure that you expect these kinds of results - this has been a watershed event for our team. We have held management retreats with team building exercises for the last 12 years, but nothing compares with the results and accomplishments that we made in the last three days. We are seeing this on both a personal and on a team basis.  

H. Zoomkhawala
Combined Concepts Pvt Ltd