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Portable Setups

If you can’t bring people to the mountains, we’ll bring the mountains to the people…..well, almost.’

Since we love inventing all the time, we have by design and sometimes by default created solutions to suit the needs of our clients.

Portable Infrastructure is not time bound. We can install, operate, dismantle and move the structures to any venue for any period of time.

Flying Bananas has pioneered solutions for adventure sports within the city.

Advantages of Portable Adventure Structures

  • Ideal for clients with limitations of travel time to engage in adventure activities.
  • Brands looking for interactive medium to connect with customers.
  • Ideal tool to create brand visibility in high footfall spaces.
  • Unbounded to time restrictions. Great for half a day to a month’s engagement.
  • ZERO-IMPACT solution. Creates no damage to property during/after usage.
  • Easily managed by one person.
  • Pre designed safety systems.
  • Attractive and compact.

Our Clients:

We have provided portable infrastructure systems for Star TV, AXN, Coke, Times Group, Parle Products, Discovery Channel, Channel V, ESPN, Sunlife, Fast track, Globus Mall, Phoenix Complex, etc and also selected Event Management Companies.

We have provided our clients with technical support, set-up of infrastructure, supervision of competitive formats and carried the systems to multiple cities for promotional activities. At some locations, we have handled over 1200 participants for an adventure sport event.

Many companies like Mastek, Zee, Alliance Fraiser, etc have used our portable structures for team building programmes.

All our clients would serve as excellent recommendation. We carry a track record of highest safety standards and strong technical experience.

Our Products:
Have listed some of our products as below. We have 12 options at the moment.

Portable Setups Wall System

This is Asia’s first portable Portable Setups wall system. The system was launched in 2005 with leading Indian film actor, Akshay Kumar. The system is designed to offer actual Portable Setups experience with the use of snow boots, crampons and ice hamm2ers. Most of us would have never got an opportunity to feel what Portable Setups is all about. Well, Flying Bananas is the only company in India to provide you this unique experience.
The structure is portable and can be installed in an hour. The melting point of ice is raised with a base solution at an ice factory. The spring system on the sides push the ice downwards as it melts. The structure is designed to take the overload of over 2 tons of weight of the ice! The upload system of ice is mechanical with the aid of pulleys. Equipment is carefully provided to protect the ice from shattering and to offer smooth climbing experience. Needless to say, the safety system and gear is provided for safe climbing engagement.

Rock Climbing Wall Systems

Artificial rock climbing systems are available throughout the year. We have placed these systems in malls, open grounds, corporate offices and also run national level competitions. Over the years, we have experimented on the system and materials used.
Depending on the requirement of the client, we have can manufacture fiberglass or wood options. The climbing holds provided are created to represent actual look and feel of the rock surface. Difficulty levels can be adjusted with the setting of the holds and wall gradient.    

Net Climb

Net climb can be suggested for activities with competitive format. This can be a part of other set of challenges. Net climb is a large vertical spread of net held by metal structures. The objective is to scale the net while time can be the other element of challenge.          

Fiberglass Boulders

Flying Bananas has worked on the concept of bouldering which is an exciting sport. We can create boulders that have look and feel of the original rock texture and deformities. This can be set-up in malls, resorts and parks or even carried from one place to another as a mobile climbing structure.
Boulders have become popular due to its appealing look and small size.     

Tarzan Swing

Like the name suggests, tarzan swing can be a fun activity. Who doesn’t fancy swinging in air ? Requires minimum material weight and can be mobilized to any venue. Water ditches can add to the fun.

Ledge Walls

Ledge Walls are designed with a narrow frame that allows them to be attached directly to a backing wall. These panels can be pre cut to any dimension to best fit your project. They are pre-drilled for standard framing, and using our installation kits, they are particularly suited to mount on concrete block walls. Installation is fast - a 30-foot long wall can be installed in one afternoon.

Traversing on Ledge Walls are a popular alternative for schools, camps, and health clubs. These walls are very safe and need minimum staff training or oversight, yet they provide much of the excitement and fitness benefits of a full-sized wall.

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